The latest from the Willi Elbe Group

There’s a lot going on at the Willi Elbe Group. Stay up to date! We’ve put together the most important news about our international group of companies for you.

Visit in Nanjing (China)

We were thrilled to meet our plant manager Xinhua and his top-motivated team. Cleanliness, orderliness, top equipment and continuous optimization measures result in benchmark profitability.

AEQUITA takes over Willi Elbe Group

As part of the comprehensive strategic plan for its future, all Willi Elbe Group sites and employees are taken over by AEQUITA, a Munich-based family office. Read the official press release with all relevant details.

Shooting a film for our manufacturing worlds

A high level of development and process competence along with state-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly and testing technologies from the raw component to the end product all form critical success factors for our company. Eight brand-new films document the impressive process.

Holz Automation wins the German Innovation Award with a unique assembly system for the Willi Elbe Group

The German Innovation Award makes outstanding achievements visible to the broader public. Our partner, Holz Automation, recently accepted this key award in Berlin for the universal joint assembly system developed for and in cooperation with Willi Elbe.

Willi Elbe awarded “Truck of the Year” in 2019

With possibly the most highly-coveted title in the truck industry on board, the F-Max by Ford Trucks completes the Willi Elbe Group's powertrains range. It fills us with pride that we were able to contribute to this success, right from the first order by Ford Otosan.

Steering Committee 2019: Recognizing potential and using it effectively

Now that the transformation of the Willi Elbe Group into a global company is nearing completion, the focus in the steering committee during 2019 was on the topic of "data hygiene" - in the sense of sustainable management across all locations as well as the further development of our corporate DNA.

Parents get to know their kids’ jobs

The second "Open Day" for members of trainees’ families was a complete success. At three Willi Elbe Group plants, parents and relatives gained a glimpse into what happens during training, and a series of guided tours helped them to learn more about the company and also about their children’s personal work environments.

Central spare parts warehouse: 
Availability and cost reduction are the key advantages

In the course of the internationalisation, the Willi Elbe Group will build up a spare parts warehouse for all plants. What are the tangible benefits for the three plant managers at the plants in Rippershausen, Tamm and Pfedelbach?

Steering Committee HR - together into the future

The current challenges posed by a globally active value creation network and the constantly increasing complexity of tasks all naturally impact the company’s employees. The Steering Committee 2019 also defined priorities for further development in the HR competence area, and appropriate measures were initiated.

Log entries describing a successful process optimisation procedure

What sets us apart as a medium-sized family-run business is flexibility and the fact that we strive to always critically scrutinise all our processes and implement sustainable improvements. Our Norwegian colleagues in Raufoss have once again proven that this agility is being adopted in all our plants worldwide with their ‘Deburring splined shafts with a fork connection’ automation project.

Willi Elbe Group supplies steering spindles for Vietnamese Vinfast cars

One of the industry's most exciting automobile projects is currently under way at the Vietnamese carmaker Vingroup: the Willi Elbe Group is also involved in this project as the supplier of steering spindles for two car models.

Power meets pride – A prestigious award

The Willi Elbe Group's Chinese site received an important award: the "Nanjing Parasol Tree - Best Business Award".