Willi Elbe Group supplies steering spindles for Vietnamese Vinfast cars

One of the industry's most exciting automobile projects is currently under way at the Vietnamese carmaker Vingroup: the Willi Elbe Group is also involved in this project as the supplier of steering spindles for two car models.

Vingroup CEO Pham Nhat Vuong is having an SUV and a sedan manufactured for his new automobile brand Vinfast. The two models are to be launched on the market as Vietnamese cars - the design, however, comes from the Italian company Pininfarina, and the technology inside the cars is 100 percent German. The two new Vietnamese speedsters already premiered at the Paris Motor Show in early October.

Starting in 2019, and in addition to other well-known German manufacturers, the Willi Elbe Group will supply steering spindles for the SUV and sedan models that are based on existing projects for the product lines of the BMW X5 and the BMW 5 series. In fact, the two Vinfast models are generally based on the BMW models. Forty-five percent of the parts come from German automotive suppliers. Initially, the Willi Elbe Group will be supplying 15,000 steering spindles for the SUV, and by 2024 that figure is expected to rise to 108,000 annually. With the sedan model, the delivery quantity is to be increased from an initial 10,000 to a final 72,000 units per year. The delivery plant for the Vinfast order will be Nanjing. The first vehicles are due to be rolled out for new customers in 2019.