Steering Committee HR - into the future together

Further development and realization of potential - those were two recurring themes of the lectures of the Steering Committee 2019. The topics arose several times during analysis and evaluation of the current status of "human resources", that is, of all the available human performance potential within the Willi Elbe Group.

It was established that the ongoing challenges posed by a global value creation network and the steadily increasing complexity of tasks call for clear measures in the field of HR, and for a partial adjustment of the organizational structure. In view of the company's size and the complexity of its global footprint, deficits in the uniformity of HR controlling were successfully identified. This is why establishment of a uniform HR controlling for the entire Group is already under way.

A lot of time was spent on discussing the potentials of human resources development, such as optimization of technical, methodical, social and personal qualifications, the company's focus on future challenges and tasks, preparation of standardized training materials, the focus on promotion of young employees, as well as close coordination between HR development and departments. In addition, more room should be given to regular employee appraisals. A special focus was also placed on further development of a successful meeting culture at all the plants of the Willi Elbe Group, with a clear emphasis on performance expectation and service provision, motivation, assumption of responsibility, purposeful communication, and also components of appropriate behavior such as tolerance, flexibility, understanding, attention, patience and focus.

Conditions were defined for all this – for example, anything that "functions globally" has to “function locally” beforehand. The importance of setting up further workshops for facilitators and meeting participants was also mentioned, to make sure that everyone can contribute to successful meetings.