Power meets pride – A prestigious award

The Willi Elbe Group's Chinese site received an important award: the "Nanjing Parasol Tree - Best Business Award".

Willi Elbe Steering Systems (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. Celebrated a special day back in late 2017. That was when its general manager Udo Looser, representing the plant and its workforce of around 150 employees, received the "Nanjing Parasol Tree - Best Business Award". This award honors companies that have made a special contribution to the prosperous industrial zone in Eastern China. Not only purely economic aspects, such as sales, are decisive for this award - other soft factors, such as corporate culture and the treatment of employees, are equally important. As is well-known, the Willi Elbe Group is a company with European roots, and this makes the award an even greater success since it shows that the company managed to adapt perfectly to foreign conditions within just a few years. Preparations for the plant in Nanjing were initiated only six years ago.

The award ceremony was attended by around 250 representatives of various government organizations and of the City of Nanjing. A local TV station also reported on it in its evening program. This illustrates the high significance of Nanjing's "Parasol Tree - Best Business Award".

Udo Looser: "It was a very special day for us, one that I’m very proud of. A big thank-you to all our colleagues and employees worldwide, and, above all, to the great team from Willi Elbe Nanjing."

The "Parasol Tree"

The "parasol tree" after which the award is named is a member of the genus Malvaceae, also known as the mallow tree. Some species also carry hibiscus flowers. Parasol trees are a typical feature of the Nanjing region and adorn numerous parks and avenues. They can grow up to twelve meters in height.