Parents get to know their kids’ jobs

A total of 24 interested visitors attended the second Open Day for Willi Elbe Group trainees’ families at the locations in Tamm, Rippershausen and Pfedelbach. On this day, the trainees' family members were given the opportunity to get to know their offspring's workplace, profession and work environment. Inviting families and relatives to its company sites has always been a very positive experience for the Willi Elbe Group. "Parents and families are very interested in their children's work and are curious to find out what things are like behind the scenes," says Katharina Haack, HR manager at the Willi Elbe Group.

In Tamm there was a relaxing get-together at first, so that guests could get to know each other. Subsequently, the training professions of metal-cutting mechanic and industrial clerk were presented in a PowerPoint presentation. This was followed by a short tour of the plant and a visit to the training workshop. The event ended with a company film and some small treats and drinks for the visitors and trainees.

In Rippershausen and Pfedelbach, the visitors had the opportunity to examine and touch component parts created by the trainees. The guests were also able to ask questions and gain insights into production and manufacturing. In Thuringia, the visitors were invited to actively participate in the do-it-yourself “hot wire” project.

In addition to being informed about aspects of training, the visitors also learned more about Industry 4.0 and progressive digitalization. "The visitors are mainly interested in seeing what their children’s workplace is like, and what components are produced there. Looking at the demonstration material and having their questions answered is their top priority. We always receive plenty of positive feedback", says Katharina Haack.