Log entries describing a successful process optimisation procedure

What sets us apart as a medium-sized family-run business is flexibility and the fact that we strive to always critically scrutinise all our processes and implement sustainable improvements. Our Norwegian colleagues in Raufoss have once again proven that this agility is being adopted in all our plants worldwide with their ‘Deburring splined shafts with a fork connection’ automation project.

1 The starting situation:
During the process of cold mass forming of splined shafts with a fork connection, the tool parting plane (punch/die) is always along the fork contour. At the Raufoss plant, up until now the cutting forces and clamping options have meant that this area couldn’t be deburred automatically and neutrally in terms of clock cycles when taking economic aspects into account.

2 Analyses and test runs:
The tool parting burr varies; temperatures at the tool and necessary clearance both play a key role here. Attempts at mechanical processing using the mobile deburring station weren’t successful, since the forces during cutting are too great and the robot (guiding the component) can’t absorb the vibrations.
Result: Deburring unstable and not reliable for the process!

3 Converting the press and validating the process:
To industrialise the topic neutrally in terms of clock cycles, the press is being converted as follows in terms of the planned automation activity: Conversion of the rotary table with clamping jaws, alignment station before deburring, tool modification for pressing. The conversion requires a long period of advance planning, since both this and verification take about three weeks.

4 Ahead-of-schedule work incl. pre-production:
This and the press release is taking place from December 2019 to mid-February 2020.

5 Result:
Deburring at the Raufoss plant has been automated economically and in a manner reliable for the process since mid-February 2020. "denken & lenken" would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees involved in the project in Norway.

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